V-Ring Seals

Product Description

V-ring seals are unique all-rubber seals for rotating shafts. They are used in all kinds of industrial rotating applications as cost-effective contaminant barriers for optimized bearing protection. V-rings have an interference fit on the shaft and are, by design, easy to install. They can be stretched and, depending on size, pushed over other components like flanges, pulleys or even housings when replacing a seal. V-rings rotate with the shaft, seal axially against a stationary counterface and act as flingers. The counterface can be the end face of a bearing, a washer, stamping, bearing housing, or even the metal case of a radial shaft seal. The V-ring offerings from SKF comprises five standard designs that are available in SKF-developed nitrile rubber (NBR) and fluoro rubber (FKM) compounds.


Packaging Type Box
Brand SKF
Model Name/Number 10 VA R
Product Type Oil Seal
Usage/Application Industries
Type V-ring seals

Common Applications

1. Industrial electrical
2. Industrial gearboxes
3. Off-highway machinery
4. Material handling equipment
5. Mining and construction equipment
6. Steel manufacturing equipment
7. Pulp and paper processing equipment
8. Marine industry machinery
9. Wind turbines

Product features
1. Axial lip seal
2. All-rubber design
3. SKF-developed NBR and FKM compounds
4. Each V-ring size applicable for a range of shaft sizes
5. Dimensionally interchangeable
6. Easy installation and system implementation
Product benefits
1. High contaminant exclusion capacity
2. Contact force reduced by 20-30%
3. High abrasion resistance
4.Excellent oil compatibility and chemical resistance
5. Quiet running
User benefits
1. Improved sealing system performance
2. Reduction in maintenance and failures caused by contamination
3. More reliable system performance
4. Increased bearing service life
5. Increased uptime and productivity
6. Cost-effective solution
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