SOFN 224 BF – SOFN Housings For Oil Lubrication

Product Description

SKF SOFN housings have a stiff and robust design and are accurately machined to protect and support the SKF bearings fitted in them. Combining minimal deflection under load with good lubricant retention and high resistance to the ingress of contaminants, these housings optimize the performance and extend the service life of the bearing and lubricant. A deep sump and internal oil circulating system enable very high bearing speeds without excessive operating temperature. SOFN bearing housings are available for shafts diameters ranging from 75 to 240 mm and 2.15/16 to 8.15/16 in. SONL supersedes SOFN housings in the 2(00) and 5(00) series (222 series bearings). SOFN housings are still available for 3(00) and 6(00) series (223 series bearings).


Color Black
Product Type Housing and Accessories
Usage / Application Industries
Brand SKF
Bearing SOFN 224 BF
Packaging Type Box/td>

Product features
1.Standard housings have a deep sump and an internal oil circulation system that uses an oil pick-up ring
2. Possible to use with an external circulating oil system
3. Stiff and robust design made of high grade grey cast iron
4. Machined to tight tolerances
5. Marks on the base indicate the centre of the bearing seat to facilitate accurate alignment when mounting
6. Identification marks on caps and bases help to provide mismatches during assembly
7. Possible to provide additional cooling as water can be circulated through cooling tubes that can be fitted in the sump of oil bath applications
8. Housing designed for good heat dissipation
9. Drilled and tapped hole (M 8) for condition monitoring as standard
10. Comprehensive seal kit
11.Dimples indicate positions for dowel pins if required
12. Optimized for SKF bearings
Additional Information:
1. Packaging Details: BOX
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