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Product Description

SIBCO is an SKF Group brand and the offerings under SIBCO cover a wide range of industrial applications, which deliver the same superior quality and performance that you associate with the SKF brand. The product assortment under the SIBCO brand consists of housings, seals, sleeves, locating rings, nuts, and washers. Locknuts are used to locate bearings onto a shaft. Additionally, they can be used to mount bearings with a tapered bore onto tapered shaft seats and adapter sleeves and to dismount bearings from withdrawal sleeves. Locknuts are also frequently used to secure gears, belt pulleys, and other machine components.

Lock nuts have to be secured to prevent unintentional loosening by:

a locking device that engages a keyway in the shaft or key slot in the adapter sleeve, or a locking mechanism integrated in the nut.
SKF lock nuts provide a variety of ways to secure the nut onto a shaft. The lock nuts listed here constitute the basic SKF assortment. Locknuts with other locking methods can be supplied on request. For additional information, contact SKF.


Brand SKF
Part Number KM 13/PC
Type Housing and Accessories
Packaging Type Box
Usage/Application Industries,Housing
ISO Certified Yes

SKF precision lock nuts
1. with integral locking
Lock nuts with integral locking reduce the cost of the shaft as no keyway is required. Installation is quicker and easier because no separate locking device is necessary. However, the loosening torque of these lock nuts requires more attention. For information on loosening torque, refer to the product data sections for the various lock nut series.
SKF industrial lock nuts
1. requiring a keyway with integral locking
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