Hydraulic Jaw Puller Kit

Product Description

Deep groove ball bearings are the most widely used bearing type and are particularly versatile. They have low friction and are optimized for low noise and low vibration which enables high rotational speeds. They accommodate radial and axial loads in both directions, are easy to mount, and require less maintenance than other bearing types.


Model Name / Number TMHP 10E
Brand SKF
Usage / Application Industries
Type Hydraulic jaw puller kit
No. of Arms 3x3
Width of Grip 75-280 mm

Effortless bearing dismounting up to 100 Kn
1. A versatile kit with three different arm lengths is suitable for a wide range of applications
2. Hydraulic spindle facilitates effortless dismounting
3. Self-locking arms minimize the risk of the puller slipping from the application when under load
4. The spring-loaded center point of the hydraulic spindle allows easy puller centering
5. The hydraulic spindle is equipped with a safety valve, which minimizes the risk of puller overload
6. High load rating of 100 kN (11.2 US ton) makes the puller suitable for a variety of dismounting jobs
7. A hydraulic spindle stroke of 80 mm (3.1 in.) helps facilitate dismounting in one operation
8. Supplied with hydraulic spindle extension pieces to allow quick adaptation to pulling length
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