FRC Couplings

Product Description

Couplings SKF offers a wide range of standard and customised coupling products. SKF Couplings cover a wide range of coupling types, sizes and capacity ratings for many applications and factory environments. For example, SKF Grid Couplings are an excellent choice for high output (kW) and high torque applications where vibration, shock loads and misalignment occur. SKF Gear Couplings are heavy duty couplings with incredibled design flexibility and are an economical choice for many applications. Very high torque ratings, along with large bore capacities, give this coupling a great advantage over other types of couplings. For demanding heavy duty applications, SKF has large size couplings. These couplings, can accommodate high torque values, while minimising power loss, and the effects of misalignment.


Usage/Application Industries
Size 90
Type Coupling
Product Type FRC couplings - Type F
Model number PHE FRC90FTB
Weight 1 kg
Bushing no 1108
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