Product Description

CASM electric cylinders are ideally suited to perform fast and powerful linear movements. Unlike pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, CASM electric cylinders are flexible and thus can be positioned accurately.
Its modular concept enables easy connection to any preferred motor and control systems, reducing design and programming costs considerably. Thanks to high grade materials and a sealing system with an IP54S level, CASM electric cylinders can also be used long term even under adverse conditions. The low backlash design provides positioning precision of up to ± 0,01 mm. Together with various screws for different speeds and forces, CASM electric cylinders are the optimum solution for a variety of applications.

1.Optimised for an extended operating life, speed and force range
2. Mechanically adaptable to suit most operations and virtually all types of brushless 3. DC motors and servomotors
4. Easy to replace pneumatic cylinders
Accurate positioning (based on motor feedback system)
1. Modular system, 3 different sizes and 3 screw types to fit each size
2. In-line and parallel gearboxes (belt) with custom motor adapter plate
3. Complies with ISO-15552
4. Wide range of accessories available
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