Anti Fretting Paste – 0.5 Kg

SKF LGMT 3 is mineral oil-based, lithium soap-thickened grease. This premium quality, general-purpose grease is suitable for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications requiring stiff grease.


Model Name / Number LGMT 3IN/8
Brand SKF
Usage / Application Industries
Color Amber
Size 18 Kg
Product Type Bearing grease
Packaging Type Can
Type Lubricants

SKF LGAF 3E is a greasy, smooth paste to prevent fretting corrosion caused by very slight oscillations or by vibrations, which can make dismounting much more difficult.

1. Suitable for bearings and metal surfaces in loose-fit arrangements, such as vibrating screens, trucks, and car wheel bearings.
2. Reduces fretting corrosion thereby enabling easier dismounting of bearings.
3. Assists with easier removal of general industrial components in a wide range of applications such as nuts, bolts, flanges, studs, bearings, guide pins, couplings, jack screws, lathe centers, pushrods, and spline shafts.

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